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Hello, there was such a problem: when I try to super export my project, the console issues "attempt call a nil value". How can this be fixed?

Hey there! There may be an issue with the latest version of Aseprite. I’ll try to debug the issue. Can you give me some more information about what you were doing when you received the error? It’s easier to communicate with me over Discord, feel free to shoot me a message! Fletch#9817


Thanks for creating this tool, it's incredibly useful! My workflow just got better.

So glad to hear it!! I use this one the most myself 😁


Programmer here, great tool for when working with an artist making a bunch of unique assets that maybe aren't on a proper sheet or sliceable. Allows me to quickly snag what I need, very useful - thanks!


Thanks so much for using my tool! Glad it’s been helpful!


Amazing. Simple, clean, works perfectly, no bloat.

Thank you so much for the review! Glad I could provide a helpful tool.