Terrapy introduces the player to the complexity of caring for houseplants. Each plant requires its own unique accommodations and will react accordingly to the player’s selections. As is such when caring for each other, Terrapy illustrates the costs and benefits of personal choice and free will within a wholesome environment, integrating horticulture to nurture empathy and growth. 

Made in 1 week for #PPJJGG (Pursuing Pixel's May 2023 game jam)!

We're working on turning this jam submission into a full length game! Stay tuned for more info!

In Terrapy each plant has different needs. Your cards affect three different meters: water, sun, and soil. Your goal is to get all three meters to max using the cards provided.

Terrapy has different types of cards that you can draw. The different types are:

  • Sun Cards - The majority of the time these cards will positively affect sunlight, but can negatively affect a plant attribute.
  • Gloomy Cards - These cards tend to negatively affect sunlight, but positively affect other traits. These cards can also drastically alter the meters and create interesting outcomes that will affect your overall gameplay.
  • Deck Cards - These cards affect the cards in your hand or deck. For example you may get to draw cards or a card will increase the values on the cards in your hand. 
  • Planter Cards - These cards will change your plant's pot and affect the needs of your plant. You may see your meters change when you change your pot. 

You may also notice a counter in the bottom right! This is your re-draw counter. You can re-draw cards at anytime. However, if the redraw counter isn't 0 then that means if you re-draw your water, sun, and soil meters will be negatively impacted. If it is 0 the cost to re-draw is free. Whenever you play a card the re-draw counter will decrease by 1. The only time the re-draw counter increases is if you play a card that increases the counter.


After receiving such positive and wonderful feedback, the team has begun development on a full version of Terrapy! If this is something that interest you then please follow Terrapy on Twitter where we will be posting future updates and progress on the game. 

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsFletch, Claire Kascher, SorenSprout, ceruleancerise, rikindled, melosprout, Little Ghost
GenreCard Game
Made withGIMP, Audacity, Godot
Tagscalm, cards, Cozy, plants, ppjjgg, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


Terrapy 1.0.exe 84 MB
Terrapy 1.0.x86_64 86 MB

Install instructions

If playing in the browser, please wait patiently while the game loads. It will take a minute or two to download the assets and run the game.


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Hi there,

I’m on Linux, and looking at this with the itch.app and the Linux build isn’t installing correctly through the app, and the WebGL version doesn’t launch with the itch.app (I feel that’s an issue that could be fixed by the team either by launching an external browser, or enabling WebGL), and the Windows build has that (to me) strange issue that it can’t find Firejail 386 (32 bit builds have this problem). I can work around I think all of these issues. Well, nope… Not as easy as I had expected. The HTML5 version doesn’t seem to work even with the server in Chr… oh right… NoScript and the Windows version seems to not work with Wine 7.2

Thanks so much for the thorough report! We’ll look into the issues with Linux. I have personally found that the itch desktop app gets me stuck 90% of the time, but I’m surprised to hear there are issues with the other methods you’ve tested. We’ll take a look and hopefully get our little game playable again soon! <3


It does work installing the Linux binary and chmod 755 it (which may be why it doesn’t work for the itch.app), and while for some reason really slow, the HTML5 version will work with it. The Linux binary works really quite nicely.


It was a very soothing work! The background of the game screen and the cards are very elaborate. As for the difficulty level, I thought it was a little difficult to max out all the meters, but I thought it was easy because I could afford not to take the disadvantage of redrawing cards, so I could play cards indefinitely. But I feel like the game is in a better state now where I can relax and play with lots of cute cards while relaxing, rather than increasing the difficulty level and getting frustrated with the difficulty. Also, I think the message when you clear the game is special and made this game memorable.


Thank you so much for playing and sharing your playthrough! I'm so glad you liked the message at the end.


sweet game

Thank you so much for playing! 

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This game was soo enjoyable and relaxing i wish it was longerr...

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! We do intend to update the the game in the future. Not sure yet if it will be a small update or whether we will release a full game. 


Enjoyed taking care of the plants, some cards draws were easier than others. Very relaxing music and the feel of comfort from the graphics while playing. I enjoyed playing thank you

Thank you so much for playing! So glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed it and took some time out of your day to play our game :) 

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This game made me terrhapy


Your comment made me terrasmile


Thank you for playing!! 

Thank YOU...for being played by me.....

(this is astro 🫡) this was so cute and just the right amount of challenging! quite impressive for a 1wk game. the art was beautiful and the song helped balance out any stress one might feel from their choices. well done!!

Thank you so much for playing astro!!! I’m so glad you liked it 😁💜

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun making it :) 

Thank you for playing! I'm so glad you like the art and enjoyed the game.


Super chill game! Its so relaxed and happy. The music is really calming and the art is super impressive.

Thank you so much for playing! So glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 

Thank you so much! We worked very hard on it.


Lovely little calming game.
The balancing act of the 3 meters was actually a little more challenging than I thought it'd be! Made for some interesting planning.
Art is super cute, music is relaxing and fits right in, the way the cards in your hand were displayed and shown when you hovered them felt great. Just all around well done, great job Fletch and team :)


Thank you so much for playing!! Your continuous support means so much!

Thank you very much for playing! Congrats on being a budding botanist :) 


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